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Hedge’s Sports Store privacy policy

IHedge’s Sports is a retailer, which trades utilising the web through its website and at our store at 40 Cunningham St. Dalby QLD. Information about us can be obtained at the following URL"www.hedgessports.com.au" or by contacting our office on (07) 46621553 by facsimile on (07) 46623078 or by e-mail. Hedge’s Sports acknowledges and is committed to protecting your privacy. We will collect, use and disclose and hold personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998 ("the Act").

Collection of Personal Information

Hedge’s Sports does not collect personal information unless it is necessary for us to carry out our functions and activities as a retailer. We only collect such information by lawful and fair means and in an unobtrusive way. You may provide us with personal information about yourself or others each time you contact us by phone, fax, letter or email. We need to use this information to provide you with our services and/or products. This information will be used and managed as follows:   We particularly request your name, street address, email address, phone and fax number in order to complete sales and in the normal course of business in compliance with Privacy Act 1998 ("the Act")

    We will let you know when

When we collect information about you; and

What Information we collect and hold about you and why we collect such information; and

How that information is used by us and the organizations, or types of organizations that the information would usually be disclosed to; and

If the law requires the collection of such information; and

The consequences, if any, of you not disclosing such information; and

That you can access such information and how you can access such information; and

How you can correct such information if it is not correct.

Disclosure of Personal Information and Marketing

We will use and disclose your personal information for the primary purposes of our business as a retailer or a purpose related to our primary purpose such as marketing, where you consent to such disclosure or such disclosure is permitted by the Act. In addition we use such information to market to you products and services offered by Hedges Sports unless you have indicated that you do not wish to obtain such marketing offers or material. Such a request can be made to the Privacy Officer. We will in such circumstances only use the personal information provided for the sole purpose of providing the service you have requested.

Hedges Sports, may utilise the services of contractors from time to time for the purposes of marketing and undertaking services as promoted by Hedges Sports . Your personal information will be provided to these businesses for the purposes of ensuring that our services are marketed to you or to enable a service to be provided to you.

We will not otherwise provide your personal information to a third party without your approval.

Ensuring Accuracy of the Personal Information we hold

We will reasonably attempt to ensure that the personal information we hold about you is accurate, up to date and complete. To assist us to do this please provide us with the correct information and inform us if your details have changed. This can be done by providing us with details of any changes to your information by fax or e-mail. If we deny you access or deny a request for correction we will provide you with reasons why we have denied you access or corrected such information in the circumstances.

Due to the importance of your privacy, our Privacy Policy will be reviewed and monitored regularly. A copy is available by contacting our office.

If you are concerned with the way Hedge’s Sports has handled your personal information, please contact our Manager with your complaint. We will make available to you a complaint form, which you will be required to complete and return to us. This will ensure the prompt investigation of your complaint. If we have not handled your personal information in an appropriate way we will take steps to remedy your concerns promptly.
Your name, phone numbers and mailing address are personal information and Hedge’s Sports will be collecting this information. We require this information for the purposes of processing and managing your purchases and to market future products and purchases to you.
The information we will require to process your purchase (if available) is marked with an asterisk Failure to complete this fully, will mean that you will not be able to purchase goods using this site.
The information we ask in the unmarked sections is optional for you to complete. We will require this information, for the purposes of marketing.
The personal information will be downloaded and retained in a hardcopy version by Hedge’s Sports for a period of up to 2 years at which time we will either confirm that it is current or we will destroy or depersonalise the information.
The information will also be stored in a "soft" version database for a period of up to 2 years at which time we will either confirm that it is current or we will destroy or depersonalise the information.

Disclaimer – Please be aware that as many of websites linked on this site are internationally based, some of the stock displayed may not be available to us as a retailer here in Australia. Be sure to contact us for our current available range and our prices.