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With the new school year started and the kids growing fast,  we understand how expensive and stressful it can be so we try to do everything we can to help parents out. After school holidays and a relaxing and hopefully warm winter break it is the likely story that when your children try on their school shoes from last term they are at least one, sometimes three sizes too small. Their backpacks have holes, and their uniforms are just that little bit shorter than you remember –


$20 Specials Rack

Along with our other constant specials and sales we always have a $20 SPECIAL rack out the front of our store. There are so many bargains to be found for everyone, all ages.

Products are generally 30-80% off on this rack and we are constantly updating the stock every few days. DON’T MISS OUT; there is always a bargain to be found.

Custom-made team wear

Is your sporting team or club after a new uniform? Perhaps some personalised team gear – water bottles, socks, caps etc.

At Hedge’s Sports Store we are sure we can meet your team-wear needs. As the current supplier of the Dalby Devils and Diehards jerseys and football shorts, as well as many other of the district’s teams and clubs, we are proud of the quality of our products. We are sure we will be able to find a product and design to suit you.

Some of the customized team brands we can supply:

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